our challenge

The Earth cannot support an endless increase in human consumption. In fact, for everyone on the planet to live like the average European, it would require the resources of three Earths. This over consumption of natural resources is creating problems ranging from climate change and deforestation to biodiversity loss, water shortages, toxic pollution, rising sea levels and war (and if that isn’t enough to raise the alarm, the potential for global economic collapse).

The dilemma is that as few of us see these problems in our daily lives, and as addressing them will require we reduce our consumption, we tend to ignore them. But these issues can no longer be ignored. If we do not rapidly adopt sustainable lifestyles, our civilisation will soon be at risk.

our mission

One Earth Innovation is an environmental business founded to create goods and services which will substantially reduce mankind’s ecological footprint.

There are four cornerstones to the One Earth business: innovation, finance, marketing and consulting. Whether developing and marketing our own products, collaborating with entrepreneurs or advising other companies, our mission is to harness the enormous power of business and apply it to creating a sustainable future.

our team

Reed Paget – managing director

Reed Paget

Reed is an eco-entrepreneur with a successful track record developing and marketing green consumer goods. An innovator and environmentalist, he combines a lifelong interest in ecological issues with a highly creative approach to product design, brand building and business strategies.



Reed founded Belu Water the UK’s most eco-friendly bottled water. His numerous green innovations have helped revolutionize the drinks industry, including:


Belu Bottles

Bottled water doesn’t get much greener than Belu” – Time Magazine.


Reed’s other achievements include:


Reed started his career as a journalist and filmmaker. Along with producing television news in New York, he produced and directed the award-winning documentary film American Passport. Shot in 11 warzones on five continents, the film documents the waning days of the Cold War from Vietnam and Nicaragua to the collapse of the Soviet Union and scud missiles landing in Israel. The film has screened in the USA on the Independent Film Channel and by Canal Plus in Europe.


Reed founded One Earth Innovation to invent cool products that can help balance the needs of people with the increasingly scarce resources of our planet.