As consumers increasingly seek greener products, the marketplace is rapidly changing such that the greenest companies will win. This is great news from an ecological point of view. From a commercial point of view, the challenge is ensuring your company does not miss this growing green wave.

leverage your eco-advantage

One Earth Innovation is uniquely positioned to help your company identify and unleash your environmental potential. Our combined specialization of sustainable business management, green product innovation and “blue marketing” means we can help your R&D, marketing and operations teams quickly develop new products that can win in this accelerating green marketplace.

Areas where we can add substantial value include:

  • Knowledge of environmental technologies and legislation.
  • Life-cycle assessments.
  • Brand and marketing strategy.
  • Environmental reporting and reputation management.
  • Green product development:
    This starts with rethinking the purpose of the product; improving its design; sourcing renewable, non-toxic materials; reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, streamlining manufacturing, distribution and storage; cutting costs; educating customers on proper use; and ultimately enabling the recycling, re-purposing or bio-degradability of the product.

One Earth’s unique combination of environmental and commercial expertise can help you develop new green products that offer a competitive advantage, reduce costs, drive sales, increase profits and help you win in this growing green economy. To discuss how we can help your business, please email us at

For more on the value of leveraging your company’s eco-advantage, we recommend the book Green to Gold by Esty and Winston.