While creating greener products is the first challenge in moving towards a sustainable economy, equally challenging is getting the majority of consumers to buy such products. The dilemma is that while “green consumers” will usually support eco-friendly products (and their support is necessary to establish eco-legitimacy), green consumers represent less than 10% of the population. If we are to achieve sustainability, surely we must engage the remaining 90% of the public - those we refer to as “blue consumers”.

selling green goods to non-green consumers

The dilemma is that while most blue consumers are concerned about the environment, these concerns are usually secondary to a product’s price and quality. What this means is that effectively engaging blue and green consumers requires dual-pronged marketing strategies.

The team at One Earth has spent over a decade successfully applying such parallel path strategies. Our expertise includes:

  • Market research and psychographic customer segmentation.
  • Brand positioning based on customer motivation, hierarchy of needs and social dynamics.
  • Product and packaging design, web design, advertising and PR.

To encourage all consumers to support the next generation of green products, we are happy to help guide any entrepreneur or business in marketing their sustainable goods and services.

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